September 22, 2018

Now this is NOT a podcast.  It is a recorded LIVE radio show from Sept. of 2017. So keep that in mind when things don't sound quite a smooth as some of my more recent efforts. We may have also been drinking a little as well.  😂This is the 2nd classic album I attempted to fill an hour and a half on.  We actually went over the alloted time that KBWD had recorded. Therefore, the show ends kind of abrubtly; fittingly on the discussion of the not so abrubt death of Steve Clark. Three time co-host David Chilcote guests. Enjoy this fun look back at Def Leppard Hysteria!


The Definitive Fake Band Show

September 4, 2018

fake (fāk) adj. not genuine; counterfeit

My sometimes producer; all the time lovely wife Jill joins me for an exhaustive study of bands that had an inorganic beginning.  We break it down into fake bands from movies, fake cartoon bands and fake bands from television. Fellow podcasters John Lamoreaux (The Hustle Podcast) and Pat Francis (Rock Solid) make cameos.


Is the band animated or perhaps made of clay?

* Does the band have an evil band manager?

* Are all the members well-known TV or movie actors?

* Does the band have matching uniforms inconsistent with their disposible income?

* Is Michael McKean or Harry Shearer in the band?

* Does the band also solve crimes?

* Did you just now make it up?



August 15, 2018

Listen to this ridiculous show at your own risk, because once you hear one, you'll never forget it. I picked the perfect guest for this one!  This is an archived show; back when I went on LIVE on KBWD.  So enjoy GDR, technical snafus and all!  New shows begin 8/23!


The technical term for misheard lyrics is "mondegreens", coined by Sylvia Wright in a 1954 Atlantic article.  As a child, young Sylvia had listened to a folk song that included the lines "...They had slain the Earl of Moray/And Lady Mondegreen."  As is customary with the victims of misheard lyrics, she didn't realize her mistake for years.  The song was not about the tragic fate of Lady Mondegreen, but rather the continuing plight of the good Earl: "They had slain the Earl of Moray/And laid him on the green."  

...and now you know......the rest of the story.


Piano Rock with Eric Evans

July 25, 2018

We record on location inside Brownwood's historic Lyric Theatre.  Piano virtuoso Eric Evans sits down behind the baby grand as we talk Piano Rock.  Listen as Paul and Eric reminiscence on songs they grew up with; from the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel, Queen, Journey and many others.  The wonderful bonus is getting to enjoy the beautiful piano playing of Eric.  



July 12, 2018

We pay tribute to the greatest cowbell player of all time, Gene Frenkel.  Then we play our Top 20 songs featuring this sonically versitile instrument.  Highlights include hearing a very playful Michael Jackson in studio and an interview with the ACTUAL cowbell player on Don't Fear the Reaper.  


Award Show for the Best Rock Songs with Days or Months in the Title!

July 9, 2018

Your intrepid host gives you the nominees and the ultimate winners for the BEST SONGS FOR EACH DAY OF WEEK AND MONTHS OF THE YEAR!  Paul plays around with his echo effect to simulate a real awards show atmosphere.  (He fails miserably) He also takes song suggestions from a few of his thousands of listeners! Join us for a light-hearted, fun listen! 


The Who “Who’s Next” Classic Track by Track Review

June 20, 2018

Rock historian Mike Blagg (Rock&Blues, Beatles, Beatles Under Cover) joins GDR for the fourth time.  This time Mike talks about his second favorite band at arguably their finest hour. Hear this juggernaut album like you've never heard it before.  Find out what favorite pet Roger channeled for inspiration to sing "Behind Blue Eyes".  Hear Alice Cooper tell hilarious stories about Moon the Loon and find out how stagefright and a urine shortage nearly derailed this quintessential album cover.  And much, much more!


The Eagles! “The Good, the Great and the Ugly”

June 17, 2018

Paul and very special guest recording artist Danny Bingham take you down memory lane with the Eagles! Packed with 29 great Eagles song snippets plus interviews from Glenn, Don, Don and Joe.  


Top 20 Non-Eagles Songs Recorded by Eagles Members

June 7, 2018

As a precursor to next weeks  2 hour Eagles Extravaganza culminating in awarding one lucky listener  Eagles/Chris Stapleton tickets and hotel accomodations in Arlington TX for the June 23rd show, we play our Top 20 Non-Eagles songs by Eagles Members.  Apologies to Bernie Leadon.  Yes, GDR knows you were with the Flying Burrito Brothers and others, but poor Bernie just couldn't crack the Top 20.  AND MY NUMBER ONE SONG WILL SURPRISE YOU!  But you'll LOVE IT!


Millennials Say the Darndest Things About 80’s Music!

May 31, 2018

An uproarius episode featuring 4 MILLENNIALS! (Sarah, Justin, Luke & Melissa) telling all they know (and don't know) about the songs from the greatest decade of rock.  Each gets to introduce the favorite 80's tunes and tries to explain how they discovered them.  Over 30 Classic 80's Chart Toppers! And yes, there WILL be a test!